Vikings Vikings!

I have recently been to Denmark, a long held intention of mine, and went to some wonderful archaeological sites, with emphasis on the Vikings! I loved Roskilde, where we spent all day and had a go at being members of a Viking ship crew (definitely need to improve my rowing!).

Roskilde Viking Ship Museum


One of the six Viking ships found at Roskilde

We also visited the immense ring fortress of Trelleborg which not only featured   reconstructed buildings, but also had an excellent museum and some excellent and very informative Viking craft re-enactments

Trelleborg fortress


Ring fortress at Trelleborg, near Slagelse

Jelling had to be one of my favourite sites – we visited on a quiet Sunday morning, and apart from the amazing site itself with the mounds, church and spectacular views, not to mention the gorgeous carved stones, there was another brilliant new museum, with very effective – and state of the art – displays



Mound and church at Jelling



One of the Jelling stones, now preserved within a glass case

Other highlights were a visit to Ribe which is a beautiful town dating back to 700 AD, and with much of its medieval core remaining; be sure to catch the Night Watchman tour if you go!

Ribe Night Watchman tour



These tours have been running for 85 years now!

Other highlights were the Moesgaard Museum near Aarhus which is a spectacular building with more great exhibitions, including the very moving display of the bog body of Grauballe Man, the amazing Viking ship burial at Ladby (which we visited during a thunderstorm – very atmospheric!) and a visit to Copenhagen with more amazing museums including the Glyptotek Art Museum and of course the National Museum. Everything very much lived up to my expectations – it was marvellous!

Moesgaard Museum

Ladby Viking Ship Burial



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