Recent small projects

I have recently done a number of short reports on interesting finds in the York Archaeological Trust’s collection which have been published online and can be found here:

Click to access A-Furnished-Grave-in-the-Cemetery-of-St-Benet%E2%80%99s-Church.pdf

Click to access Papal-Bullae-from-Peasholme-Green-York.pdf

Click to access Pendants-Found-at-the-Haymarket-Peasholme-Green-York.pdf


Pewter Funerary Chalices and Patens from York Minster

An article looking at pewter funerary chalices and patens recovered from 25 burials within York Minster during works in the late 1960s and early 1970s and authored by myself and fellow contributors Ian Panter of York Archaeological Trust and Penelope Walton Rogers of the Anglo-Saxon Laboratory has appeared in the latest Medieval Archaeology Journal (Volume 59 , 2015), and is now viewable online at the following location: