Moving to a new office!

After over 30 years of working in York as an archaeological small finds specialist, I am moving to discover a new part of the UK.  I spent 27 years at York Archaeological Trust, and have been working for almost 5 years now as an independent specialist, but as from 3rd March 2020 I am going to be basing myself just outside Norwich in the town of Wymondham (pronounced Windham) and taking my office with me!

I shall continue offering my services: identifying, assessing, cataloguing, analysing, researching and publishing small finds of all materials of Roman to post medieval date, with particular emphasis on post Roman to late medieval periods. I can also carry out post excavation management of finds reports, and offer training in the identification of finds and other aspects of small finds work.

Please note new address details as from March 3rd 2020 below:

Nicola Rogers, 1 Northfield Gardens, Wymondham, Norfolk NR18 0DG

Tel: 07584907195



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