New Publication

I am delighted to have received a copy of a report published earlier this year and to which I made a contribution, but which has only just arrived with me. Published by the British Museum in their series of Research Publications, A Riverine Site Near York: A Possible Viking Camp? explores a site discovered by metal detectorists and brought to the attention of the Portable Antiquities Scheme and York Archaeological Trust in 2003. The finds included a hoard of coins, bullion, hack silver and weighing equipment, and also pieces of iron swords; other material included dress fittings, pieces and offcuts of decorative metalwork and more fragments of weaponry. Some of this material is 8th century or earlier, and appears to have been obtained for the purposes of being reworked and recycled; other finds – in particular the coins and weights – suggest activity in the period of the late 860s to the mid 870s. Similarities between the assemblage and the location of the site itself to that of a probable Viking Camp at Torksey have led to the suggestion that this could be another example of such camps, believed to be winter camps of the Viking Great Army of the 870s.

It is wonderful to finally see a report on this important site which was first discovered almost 20 years ago, with a particularly interesting finds assemblage with objects spanning a date range of 6th – 9th/early 10th centuries.

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